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Earth Day

Earth Day started in 1970, and raises awareness for protecting the environment on the world we live in. It teaches us to value the planet we live on and take the steps towards having a positive environmental impact.

Celebrating Earth Day with your kids can come in many forms, from educating them to different activities. Here at Angels, we have compiled a list of things you can do this weekend to teach your children about Earth Day and the benefits of being aware of your own environmental impact.

1 - Talk about the planet.

The best way to introduce children to the topic is to simply talk to them about it. Even if your knowledge is limited, you can explain what you know. Topics such as recycling, renewable energy, and reducing consumption can be some good conversation starters! By introducing them to the topic this way, you encourage your child to have a natural curiosity and engage with the topic.

2 - Create a DIY recycling sorting activity.

Using clean rubbish and different bins and containers, you can educate your child on different types of waste and how best to dispose of them. You can use plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard that is to be separated in three separate bins, containers, or areas. This tactile activity encourages them to use their fine motor skills as well as think carefully about their actions.

3 - Recycled crafts.

What better way to celebrate using waste than to create crafts with it? This can be anything you want, from creating a collage with old newspapers and magazines, to using cardboard to create a den! Let your children use their imaginations and get creative thinking of ways to use what others consider rubbish - you could even have a prize for best innovation.

4 - Home baking or cooking.

One of the best ways to help the environment is to reduce waste, whether that is food waste or packaging. By making your own food from scratch, you can control the portions and use fresh ingredients that aren’t wrapped in layers of plastic. This is something you can involve your kids in - you could even take them to the supermarket with you and get them to help you find in-wrapped fruit and veg! Involving your child in home cooking early will encourage them to want to learn to cook in the future.

5 - Watch a documentary.

There are loads of child-friendly documentaries regarding the environment or wildlife available for free online! This can be a valuable use of screen time for your child, and a good easy learning opportunity. If you join them, you could learn something new too!

The most important thing to remember this Earth Day, is to do what you can. Whether that is educating yourself and your children, recycling more, or reducing your family’s waste - every little helps.


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