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Start of Summer!

Now that June has begun, it is finally summertime in the UK! For many, summer is a time for relaxation and more time spent outdoors. However, for many children it is a transitional period where they move up to their next stages in life!

Here at Angels, the next stages can be anything from moving to the next room, or graduating to start primary school. Both can be just as daunting for young minds, particularly as change is still a new and scary concept for many of them! As adults, we grow more accustomed to changing environments, whether that is starting new jobs or moving to new places. For children, they tend to need a bigger adjustment period due to their lack of experience.


We try to make our transitions as smooth as possible here at Angels. Moving up from Halos, to Wings, and finally to Stars is a gradual process that helps them adjust to changing school years in the future. Each room is carefully catered to your child’s developmental stage, and aims to teach them the skills they need for the next steps.

Many children can adapt to change well, but many struggle. If your child particularly does not like change, then there are a lot of ways you can help them. The easiest and often most effective way is to talk to them. By letting them know what change is happening and when they will experience it, your child can prepare themselves for it and begin to process their feelings earlier, rather than being overwhelmed or surprised!

You can also talk to them about ways to deal with feeling scared and nervous, such as breathing exercises and healthy ways to express their feelings. This helps them deal with whatever feelings they may have in a more productive way.

Even if your child still struggles to adapt to change - that is okay! Sometimes, change is something children have to adapt to over time with practice. Although it can take time, your child will become accustomed to whatever changes happen! Soon those scary and unfamiliar things will be familiar and safe for them.

Whatever changes your child faces this summer, big or small, we hope this blog has helped you prepare to tackle them together!

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