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At Angels we understand the importance of tracking children's learning. The Online learning journal we use allows us to record and track information whilst allowing us to develop a collaborative partnership with our Parents. We know that our children at the setting are learning, exploring and exploring new things every day. The online learning journey allows us to provide you information.

Our learning platform enhances the unique time the children have and allows our teachers to capture the experiences as well as monitor the children’s learning and development whist at our setting. As you are aware a day at Angels is packed with, fun, adventurous and exciting learning. Your child could be taking their first steps, to enjoying messy play, learning numbers, games, phonics. By accessing your child's learning you get to see photos, pictures and work so that there is a complete piece of mind that your child continues to develop and is ready for the next step in life.








Angels parents will use Tapestry to view observations, images, notes and comments of their child. Through these observations parents can see what their child has been learning.

In addition, parents can also contribute their own stories of their children’s life outside of Nursery by uploading their own observations to Tapestry.

Tapestry is incredibly user-friendly and can be accessed via the internet or via the tapestry app that can be downloaded to your Ipad/Iphone/Android device.

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