Partnership with parents


At Angels bridges are being built from Halo's, Wings and then the Stars rooms. One of the most important is the bond with you, our parents. We aim to get a positive bond, our staff will take all your thoughts and ideas on board, we aim to work with you as part of our team after all you are our parents and should be centrally involved with us. 

There are many ways to find out what our children are doing, all nurseries have journals, however we go one step further and strive to know, understand and believe in our children. We encourage you to talk to us and let us know of any personal experiences that you feel will help develop them further.

A Bond is not just a bridge but a promise and we know that integrity, trust and confidence are important factors which we must gain from you. The best references come from our children, they see, develop and enquire. We build their confidence and enthusiasm, and ensure that you are happy and that your child’s needs are met, making our parents and our children both happy.



Key persons


At Angels we have taken the key person approach, to ensure that our children have a key relationship with an adult to so that they receive individual attention. The role of the key person is important, to ensure that the child experience is positive. There is nothing more important than helping our children build a strong relationship with an adult. This will help our children feel safe and happy.

The aims of our key persons are clear. Firstly, they are trained to provide paramount security, our children should feel safe and secure at our care and our key person will deliver this. Secondly, to build confidence through reassurance, this will be carried out as the key person becomes close to our children ensuring that they fully understand our children and their needs. Finally to provide our children with continuity and routine, so that our children are familiar with them whether they are welcoming them in the morning, feeding time, changing time, soothing or saying bye at the end of your child’s day.

Our key persons have a clear understanding of our children’s needs and therefore are in the best position to share information with our parents and vice versa.



Healthy eating


We all understand the importance of healthy and balanced diets, this is more important for the development of children at the early stages. We understand that food plays a key part with our children; it helps them develop, grow and even remain active, enthusiastic and happy.

At such an early stage Angels understand the importance of our children’s health, while they develop with us, they are developing physically. Maintaining a good source of nutrition is vital to help build their bones and teeth, we believe what we do today will help them in years to come. 

Fruits and Vegetables are essential for children. Angels encourage this through use of certificates and wall of fame. Our Staff understand the importance of hygiene and nutrition; we have provided them with a kitchen to ensure that the food is prepared fresh everyday so our children fully enjoy the tasty meals that they will surely be looking forward to.



Secure Private Gardens

Our settings are clean and spacious and are well equipped , we are trained to provide the perfect environment for outdoor activities to ensure your child get the most of of outdoor play and exercise.

Educational Visits

Children take part in educational visits to encourage and widen their knowledge of the understanding of the world including visits to the library and other local educational resources.

Music and Dance Lessons

We have dedicated staff who specialise in music and dance as this is an effective way of stimulating children and learning new skills. Our musical early years educator ensures musical instruments are used with the children so that children have fun learning.

ICT Facilities

Our Settings are equipped with Interactive White Boards so that all our children have access to ICT, our high tech ICT resources enhance their experience and make ICT fun for the children - please ask us how we make ICT fun and unique.


Our nursery photographer comes into nursery regularly to give you the opportunity to purchase photographs of your child.

Cookery Classes

We work with external verified food specialists so your child enjoys and expands their knowledge of food and cooking. Our resources help the children to develop in a number of ways from reading, listening, working with their peers and using resources such as cooking utensils and scales to enhance their fine motor skills.

Educational Resources

We are a very equipped nursery with a wide range of toys and equipment that stimulate and encourage children in all areas of learning.

Language Lessons

We have trained Early Years Educators who work with external agencies to provide room based activities using song, dance, games and drama to inspire our Angels.

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