Angels really believe that children should reach for their limits, and that although clouds may seem high up, they are within reach.


Our children are encouraged to develop into stars. We at Angels have taken great care in ensuring that each room is tailored specifically to meet the needs of our children. We understand as parents you will want your child to be in a cosy, safe, fun and educational environment, and as such we believe we have delivered this.



  • The Halo is a ring of light around Angels and is their foundation where knowledge is derived from.


    At Angels your baby (our Halo’s) will develop, flourish and made to feel the environment is not to different from their home setting. Our Halo’s are in a safe environment, where the room is full of magical and delightful colours. This area is fully designed to make sure that our Halo’s feel happy, cared and loved.

  • As our children, we believe they grow wings, this is the next step and Angels understand the importance of providing a setting that the wings can explore, communicate and really start to have fun.


    With any new wings, attention and care becomes more important, with wings they explore, move and flutter to the new cycle of learning.  Angels ensure that they are safe, secure and really cared for. We want our wings to develop and we are there at all times to make sure that they can fly.


    The room is tailored to meet all their needs whether they are painting, being creative reading or even resting, the essentials are there whether indoor or outdoor to ensure that their time with us is thoroughly enjoyed.

  • All Stars our bright with the glimmer of a sparkle that all our children (the Star’s) have. At this stage whether the Star has come in new or worked their way from the start they will be ready to glow and sparkle.


    Our room is developed with the knowledge that they will shortly be starting pre–school and therefore ensure that they are ready to reach and aim high.Our rooms are developed purely for the stars, so they can explore, investigate and learn. Whether the stars are using resources such as role playing, ICT, arts and crafts, reading, constructing or playing with sand and water or playing outdoor, we provide them with a safe, secure and loving atmosphere to make them feel comfortable and to be self confident.

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