At Angels we take safeguarding and child protection very seriously. Our staff ensure that we are the very best with regards to ensuring your child is safe at our setting.


Management ensure that when it comes to Child protection no expense is spared to ensure that our staff are trained to best protect your children.


At Angels we understand how important it is to help keep your child whether your child is at Nursery or has siblings who are accessing the Internet, we at Angels want to help you and your family stay safe in the online world, which is why we have provided you with the link for Internet Matters. As your children head back to school, there are some great tips on how to protect them online.

The Internet Matters site has a wealth of expert advice on issues like cyberbullying, inappropriate content and sexting, and helpful information on how to talk about specific issues with your child. You can also get tips on privacy, social networking like Snapchat and Instagram, and practical steps showing how to set safety features on all sorts of devices. 

Watch a video about Back to school e-safety tips

Helping parents keep their children safe online

There is also an app which you can upload to your phone or android device which can help you further. 


You can download the Internet Matters tablet app for:
Apple iOS:


If you wish to know more about how we safeguard at Angels, please speak to our Senior Staff who will be able to provide you further guidance.


If you wish to read up further on safeguarding please take a look at some of these useful links:


We also take E-safety very seriously, although our children are very young, we feel it is vital that we help prepare you our parents to better understand how to protect your child. We provide many resources at our settings, a good starting point is this online training exercise you can have a go at which will help you.


Please keep a look out at our notice boards with regards to guidance and initiatives we have to help you better protect your children with regards to child protection safeguarding and e- safety.

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