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September is a very busy time for us. We have spent the last month saying a final goodbye to our children who have moved onto school and said hello to our newest members of the Angels family.

To give parents an idea of our planning and what sort of activities we do, please see some linked activities linked to the key areas below :

Communication & Language - Ask the children to make stick puppets of themselves and their friends. Can they act out a story using the stick puppets? You could provide a puppet theatre for the children to act out the story.

Personal, Social & Emotional - Talk about what it means to be unique. Can the children name something that they think makes them unique? Invite them to add a handprint to a large piece of paper.

Physical - Draw a selection of different faces on the ground in chalk. Offer the children chalk and encourage them to copy the faces. Can they create different shapes to make the faces?

Literacy - Take full length pictures of the children. Give each child their own photo. Can they use their knowledge to label different parts of their body?

Mathematics - Encourage each child to draw around their foot. Can they use cubes to measure how long their foot is? Who has the biggest foot? Who has the smallest foot?

Understanding the World - On a strip of paper, ask the children to draw a family portrait. Children may wish to share their portraits with the class. Can they name and describe people who are familiar to them? You could place them on a display for the children to talk to each other about in their play.

Expressive Art & Design - Provide magazines that contain lots of different faces. Offer a range of materials, such as scissors, glue, pencils and pens. Encourage children to create a self-portrait.

The all about me topic also links to wellbeing and celebrating everyone as we are all unique. If you want to try any of these activities at home, please upload pictures of this to the tapestry account.

As we are moving towards a new season, the next topic for October will be Autumn.

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