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April Showers - Keeping Active Indoors!

As the weather starts to improve, keeping active with your children will become easier. However, it’s not summer yet! These unpredictable April showers may keep you from going outside, but they don’t have to prevent the fun! Here’s Angels’ recommendations of fun ways to keep your kids active indoors this Spring!


1 - Follow YouTube exercise routines.

Online, you can find a lot of child-friendly and age-appropriate exercises for your child to follow from the comfort of your living room. As these are marketed towards children, they are made to be fun and engaging. Some are presented as games, or some are set to music! You can play around to see which ones your children enjoy the most.

2 - Bubble Popping.

This simple game requires bubbles, either handmade or store bought. You blow bubbles and let your child try to pop as many as possible before they hit the floor! You could even up the difficulty by using a bubble machine. This could also be a game played with a balloon where your child can play alone, kicking or hitting the balloon upwards to prevent it from touching the floor.

3 - Obstacle course.

Using pieces of furniture and whatever you have at home, create an obstacle course for your child to traverse over! Use a rolled up blanket to make a ground-level tight rope walk, cushions for stepping stones, and chairs for climbing. Get creative, and mix it up. You could even add mental challenges, such as puzzles or simple maths questions, to make your child work their brain as hard as their body.

4 - Hallway bowling.

To do at home bowling, you need a small ball and a set of empty bottles. Fill the bottles with water to add more weight, making them more difficult to bowl over, and simply take it in turns trying to knock them over! If you don’t have plastic bottles, anything that can stand upright and won’t break being knocked over would be suitable to use as a pin.

5 - Follow the leader.

This is the perfect game if you want to join in the fun! Get your children to copy you by being the leader, and teaching them energetic movements. You can play around with jumping, stomping, squatting, jogging on the spot, and jumping jacks! This is a great way to get the whole family involved.

There are loads of other creative ways to keep fit at home! If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments. And if you try any of these activities at home, share your photos with us on Tapestry! Have fun, stay dry, and keep moving.


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