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Children’s Gardening Week & Learning Where Food Comes From

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Children love to get messy in the garden and thoroughly enjoy digging, planting and watering the flower beds. Sometimes it can be tricky for children when gardening as they often want to see instant results. National Children’s Gardening Week aims to capture children’s enthusiasm at a time when things will generally start to grow a lot quicker than other times of the year. National Children’s Gardening Week takes place annually in the ‘warm’ week at the end of May going into June. In the UK, we have the perfect weather for growing things with a

balance between rainfall and sunshine.There are many things to do in and around Birmingham, with some attractions being less than an hour by car. The weather is also forecast to be bright and sunny which is ideal for a family day out. Always remember to stay safe in the sun by wearing sun screen, hats, sunglasses and staying hydrated!

At Angels, we have recently planted seeds and some children would have also bought home some broad beans. The children are curious about growth and the process involved. If you wanted to try growing something at home, Cress seeds start to germinate in around 24 hours. Did you know that you don’t even need compost, it can also grow on damp cotton wool or tissue paper!

Please visit for some more ideas to try!

It is also important for children to learn about where food comes from. Many families around the world are not as fortunate as we are, they are unable to visit a well-stocked local supermarket but have to work hard to grow things so that they can eat. It is great for children to make the connection between the food that we grow and how it then can be changed into a yummy meal.

We have set up an Angels Foundation to improve the lives of others including providing tools for people to grow their own food, a community food bank and giving access to clean water. Please take a look at our website and keep an eye out for any fundraising events coming soon!

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