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Children’s Wellbeing

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

At Angels, children are at the centre of what we do. Mental health for both children and adults is extremely important and it is essential that we all work together to ensure our children remain happy. As parents, you have a crucial role to play. Your love for your child will always be unconditional and parents can sense if their child is not ok.

COVID has also impacted many aspects of everyone’s lives. Particularly for babies and young children, being with their immediate families is all that they know. It’s natural for them to be anxious of people they may not have met before, especially where people are wearing face coverings.

Here are some top tips to support your child’s well-being:

  • As we work our way out of lockdown, gradually start to introduce your little one to extended family and friends. Before meeting, try sharing any photographs you may have so their faces become more familiar.

  • A steady routine can help provide stability in a child’s life, which can give children and young people a sense of security and help reduce stress for both parents and children.

  • Communication is key, even if children cannot respond to you they will begin to make connections between the words you use, your tone of voice and body language. For older children, talk about recognising emotions such as happy and sad.

  • Make time for yourself and your child to wind down at the end of the day. We know how busy life can be but it’s important to switch off to refresh our minds. Story time after a soothing soak in the bath would be great before going to bed.

  • As your child grows they develop their own little personalities. Tune in to the things that they like and plan different activities for them to do at home. It is important to create and treasure moments between you and your child.

We hope this helps and our Angels team will always be on hand if you need any support, guidance or even just a chat!


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