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Community Meals During Summer

At Angels, we make sure that all of our children are happy, healthy and are given all of the support they need to thrive. Sadly, we know that not all children have the best start in life through no fault of their own. We recognise that COVID has been tough for everyone and has massively impacted some families.

We care about our wider community both locally in Birmingham and also in different parts of the world. We believe that nobody should go hungry, especially children during the long summer holidays. We know many schools are trying to provide support for meals over this time but we also want to do our bit help as well.

We have a friendly and approachable team who will always be on hand to help. We can offer support by providing a lunch pack to any children in need over the 6 weeks holiday. We will simply ask you to call one of our settings before 9.30am and we will arrange for a food pack to be prepared for you to collect around midday. As an example this will include a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and additional healthy snack.

We will also be holding fundraising events throughout the year so please keep a look out on our website and social media for details on this. Please have a look at Angels Foundation Website for more information on what we do!

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