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On Saturday 13th May, the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live across the world! The contest has been happening every year since 1956 (except for 2020, due to the impacts of the pandemic), and features musical entries from all across Europe battling to have the best song and best performance on the night.

We at Angels believe that there is a lot for little ones to learn surrounding Eurovision. The most exciting for a lot of children will be the musical element! They can pretend to take part by playing their own instruments. These instruments don’t have to be real, they could be inflatable or even made out of cardboard! You could even challenge your child to design their own custom guitar.

As well as music, Eurovision is about the countries involved and their relationships. Europe Day was celebrated earlier this week, and we believe that it is a good chance to talk to children about the wider world around them. Learning about different countries and looking at maps can be a great way to expand your child’s world view! They begin to see that there is a world beyond what they have already seen in their lives. This can encourage curiosity and a desire to know more! As well as an eagerness to explore, removing some of the fear of the unknown.

Beyond learning about the countries, it is helpful for children to learn about the people from them. Teaching children about people’s differences is really important. You can teach them about cultural differences, how people speak different languages, and how simply being born in a different place can vastly change someone’s behaviour. Learning these things from an early age is vital to ensure children don’t react negatively to differences between the people they might meet.

Although it is important to teach children about these things, it is also important for your children to have fun! Make sure to keep Eurovision as a celebration, and enjoy the show on Saturday evening. If you have Eurovision parties at home, we would love to see photos uploaded to Tapestry.

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

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