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First Aid

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

First Aid is all about the first response to an injury or sudden illness. It can be used every day and situations of crisis by anyone who has the right knowledge. On the second Saturday in September of every year, we celebrate World First Aid Day. This was introduced by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as a way to raise public awareness of the importance of First Aid.

At Angels, we give regular training to staff members who are all able to give the appropriate First Aid response when necessary. We hold regular sessions from trained professionals to ensure the safety of your children.

There are lots of ways for parents and carers of children to learn paediatric First Aid. The most accessible way are online resources, such as the Red Cross website. This can prepare you for various scenarios in which your baby or toddler may be in need of First Aid attention. It covers a wide range of topics from allergic reactions to burns and cuts.

Another way to learn First Aid can be to attend sessions ran by the Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance. There are other organisations that offer First Aid training, however these two are the main ones. Attending one of these sessions may be useful if you want to learn some practical skills and talk face to face with experts.

However you choose to learn First Aid, it is important to know it in advance. In an emergency if you are not sure what to do, call emergency services. If urgent action needs to be taken, they will be able to talk you through whatever First Aid is needed and how you administer it to your child.

Some resources are linked below:

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