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Reading is always widely regarded as an admirable skill for children to have, but why is this? What benefits does reading have? Well, here at Angels, we have taken the time to break down just why reading is so important for young minds…

  • Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to the function of the brain, and how well it works. Reading to your children alone can help your child understand the world around them and provide key background knowledge. This helps their cognitive development as it helps them to process the new things they encounter in the world and respond to them more appropriately.

  • Empathy.

Storybooks teach empathy by having the reader put themselves into the story in front of them. This empathy for characters can be extended to real people around them. Stories can also give children a better knowledge and understanding of emotions, which can be applied to themselves and others around them.

  • Building Relationships

Reading together is a great way for children to develop relationships. This can be a parent-child bond, a teacher-child bond, or bonding with classmates in group story time. Spending time experiencing a story together is the perfect way to bond!

  • Understanding the World

There are so many different books out there that your child can learn about almost anything! From teaching children about things close to home, to learning about different cultures and countries, books are a great learning tool! They provide an accessible and affordable way for children to experience and learn about places that they would otherwise not be able to go to. By learning about the world around them, children become more well-rounded and understanding individuals.

  • Improved academic skills.

Reading is not only good for children’s general wellbeing, but also sets them up to achieve academically. This can come in the form of improved literacy skills, a wider vocabulary, improved concentration, and a stronger imagination! These skills are vital in a school setting, and will help your child succeed later in life.

Whilst we are aware a lot of children are unable to read independently at nursery, reading aloud to children now will encourage them to be more active readers as they grow up. Picture books are also a great gateway into reading, as they help children engage with books without having to understand the words just yet.

Let us know what your child’s favourite book is via Tapestry! We would love to see photos of them reading.

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