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Recycling Week

At Angels, we like to teach the children about looking after the environment. We are all role

models to our children so we would like to show them how we do our bit to ensure our next

generation can live in a sustainable world.

Our beautiful planet needs us more than ever and small changes from everyone each day will make a difference. Recycling Week is a time to focus on what we can to reduce and reuse our waste.

Recycling is something easy that we can all do to be kinder to the planet. At nursery, we have always enjoyed using junk materials and turning it into something new. The children can easily turn an old cardboard box into a robot with a few milk bottle tops to make their eyes and ears.

We would like to appeal to parents to bring in different materials that would otherwise end up in the bin. Please could you kindly collect –

  • Egg boxes

  • Spray bottles

  • Jars

  • Plastic bottles

  • Plastic containers

  • Washing up liquid bottles

  • Shampoo & body wash containers

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Clean materials

  • Shiny sweet packets

  • Kitchen roll tubes

  • Yoghurt pots

If you are also having a clear out we would be very interested in collecting items to add to

our sensory boxes and curiosity tables if you would like to donate them.

Children are interested in –

  • Remote controls (they love to point out the numbers)

  • Old cameras (they enjoy pressing the buttons and hearing the clicks!)

  • Interesting dressing up items like hats for role play.

  • Mirrors

  • Spoons, pots and pans.

  • Artificial flowers

  • Ornaments or general decorative items (ideally wooden and things such as animals)

  • Anything else that you may have at home!

We will of course risk assess any items before the children use them but it would be

excellent if the items are in a safe and good overall condition.

Thank you for your support!

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