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Safe Sleeping

When it comes to sleep, we all want our children to sleep safe and sound. At Angels, we understand that there may be anxieties about laying babies and toddlers to rest, however there are ways to ease these anxieties and ensure the utmost safety of your children.

At our nurseries, we ensure to follow all of the correct policies when our children go to sleep. Prior to nap time, the staff ensure that children have a clean nappy and have been fed or given a drink. All bibs and outside clothes are removed, and a comforter is provided. It is checked if the child is not too warm or cold at this point too. Then, it is time to get the baby in position.

Babies in particular need be laid to sleep on their backs at the bottom of the cot. The room will remain well ventilated, and any sheets or blankets that children are provided are tangle-proof. There will be no large soft toys that have the potential to smother a baby, however they may still sleep with an appropriate comforter if they normally have one. Any mobiles above the cots are well out of reach.

On top of ensuring that children are sleeping in the correct position, our staff will make regular checks at least every five minutes. This is done by placing a hand on the chest to check they are breathing or putting the back of their hand near to the child’s mouth to feel for breath. This ensures that each child is well, not too ht or cold, and that no sheets or blankets are tangled around the child.

Of course, not all of these steps can be continued at home, particularly the frequency of the checks for example. However, if all other steps are followed correctly at home, your child should sleep safe and sound.

If you have any concerns or requests regarding the sleep of your child, please feel free to talk to staff or get in touch.

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