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School Readiness

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

At this time of year, our pre-schoolers are getting ready to move onto the next stage in their educational journey and are preparing to start school. Some of you will perhaps question how we prepare them for school and how we know they are ready. Here at Angels Day Nursery we help them get ready for the next step in their journey with the support from our highly trained staff to access a stimulating environment and the resources we have available. The children take part in regular speaking and listening activities to give them the opportunity talk about their school and we allow them to try things that will be common at school by offering things like ‘self-service’ at mealtimes.

Being ‘school ready’ isn’t all about learning phonics, numbers and colours, we have listed what we expect our children to do before Reception:

  • Being Independent in toileting

  • Being able to dress themselves

  • Understanding expected levels of behaviour

  • Having confidence & self-esteem

  • Can take turns & share

  • Can sit still for a short period of time

  • Can separate from parents/carers

  • Communication & language skills needed to communicate needs & listen to others

  • Can actively learn & be able to think of ideas for themselves

There is lots of things you can do as parents to support your child getting ready for school. It is important that you speak about the changes that will happen and try to build a picture of what school will be like for them. It may help to build excitement by taking them shopping to get their new school uniform and showing positivity about the changes that are about to occur. We understand that you may not have had the opportunity to visit the school with your child however why not take a look to see if they have any pictures of the staff and environment on their website. The schools will also be having transition meetings with us and we will give them as much information about your child so that they can plan for their arrival.

If you need any guidance on how to help your child ready for their big transition or would like

further information on what we are doing feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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