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Spring has Sprung

March traditionally marks the start of spring here in the UK. Spring marks a time where we can start spending more time outside again! There's a lot of fun things you can do this spring.


New life comes in many forms this spring, the easiest to find being plants. Taking a walk with your toddler and discovering what has begun to sprout, from bluebells and daffodils to new leaves and the beginning of blossoms! All of these can be very exciting for young children, and offer the opportunity for them to widen their vocabulary as you talk through your new discoveries.

Another way to view new life is to visit an open farm or petting zoo. Seeing baby animals such as lambs, chicks, or ducklings, can help to teach children about life cycles. Farm trips are also important for teaching children about where our food comes from.

As well as new life, children can experience changes to the weather. Spring brings with it warmer days, lighter afternoons, and sometimes some showers of rain! Teaching children about typical seasonal changes helps them to gain a greater understanding of the world around them and how to break up the year. They will learn that warmer weather leads towards summer, a time in the future that will become a break for them from school!

A new season is a breath of fresh air. As well as what you choose to do this spring, there will be plenty of new activities being run here at Angels! As the weather improves, your children will be able to make more use of the outside space, spending valuable time in nature. We will be using our bespoke made flashcards to help teach children about the joys of spring.

We hope that your spring is as fun as ours here at Angels!


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