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Summer Holidays

As we approach the summer holidays, many of us will start wondering what to do! Whilst Angels remains open all summer, there is still plenty of opportunity to make the most of this time, especially if your little one has older siblings having a summer break.

There can be a lot of pressure associated with holidays, especially where money is concerned. Weekends away, and even day trips, can be incredibly expensive! To help you out, we have compiled a list of free or cheap activities you can do this summer with your little ones, in and around Birmingham.

If you still want to go out, but don’t want to break the bank, Lego Discovery Centre, located in the heart of Birmingham’s City Centre, is ideal! You can get tickets for you and your child under 5 for £12, and children under 3 are always completely free.

Spending an afternoon in a local park is the perfect activity for a warm summer’s day! Parks give children the opportunity to spend time outside, whilst also being active and improving their coordination and mobility. Most parks have designated play areas with plenty of equipment suited to younger children. The best part is that these are always free!

3 - Soft Play Areas

When the weather is less good, it might be worth checking out your local soft play areas! These are usually fairly affordable, and again give your child the opportunity to have fun in a safe environment. The majority of these play areas are suitable for younger children, however it may be worth checking first to be sure.

4 - Play Dates

Arranging play dates with other children is a good way to keep children social over the summer, particularly for those who have broken up from school. Keeping them in touch with their friends is a great way to improve their communication skills, and generally keep them happy! Play dates can be done anywhere, from a set destination or simply at home.

Many libraries hold story time events during the summer holidays. These are usually free, and a great way to get out of the house for the morning! If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you could take a trip to Birmingham Library, as they often have interesting exhibitions and events happening - again, all of them being free.

Of course, this is only a small sample of things that you could get up to this summer! As always, we love to see what your little ones get up to outside of nursery, so don’t forget to upload your pics to Tapestry!

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