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Supporting Behaviour in the Early Years

One of the main reasons for children to show certain behaviour is often due to lack of understanding and not being able to regulate their own emotions. Learning how to do this is something that will take time.

It can be very overwhelming for children who are struggling with self-regulation to be facing a situation where they are having to try and make sense of something. Especially around the age of two where a child’s brain has to process so many different feelings and emotions, they are not always certain how to express their needs. This can often lead to a mix of different emotions and outbursts.

The key to supporting children’s emotional understanding is to make connections. Our staff naturally spend a lot of time with your children and this is why we have the key carer system in place so that your child can build a bond with your child. Once they feel secure, this has a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing leading to them being ready to learn.

As adults, showing that we are willing to feel what your child feels creates a bridge and opens your child’s brain up to learning and receiving your feedback. So often we are tempted to first solve the problem that our child is facing or manage the behaviour. However, your child’s emotional brain is unable to move past the problem and the emotion until they have unpicked what it may mean.

Once an individual feels understood and that they are no longer alone they can finally begin to navigate their emotions and manage their own behaviour.

It has been proven that the quality time that adults spend with your child increases their resilience, self-awareness and ability to navigate life’s challenges mindfully and calmly. We know as parents your lives can be very busy but you are always able to find valuable time to spend with your little ones.

Always be mindful what is developmentally appropriate for your age and do not put too much

pressure on yourself as a parent. Each day, your child will be learning new things and they often have a desire to get what they want when they want it. The more positive language we can use to potentially avoid any outbursts will allow the child to begin to understand the boundaries.

We work together with parents to be able to find the most effective way to support children with their behaviour.

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