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September is a very busy time for us. We have spent the last month saying a final goodbye to our children who have moved onto school and said hello to our newest members of the Angels family.

The children within the nursery have also experienced change as many of them have moved into the next room. We have to make sure transition happens smoothly so we would like to give you an insight into how we prepare for this.

When children move from room to room, it often means that they are ready for the next stage. There will be lots of new experiences ahead and previous/new key carers have been communicating with each other ready for the children move into the new rooms. We also like to involve parents in this next stage so we will be having conversations about what you would like to see from your child in the coming months. You will notice on tapestry that we have uploaded photos and comments about how your child is getting on. We will be asking staff to introduce themselves as your child’s key carer. Always look out for the staff names when uploads are made so you can familiarise yourself with your child’s key carer. As our rooms have multiple staff members, your child will be working closely with the team as a whole including managers.

We have 3 main rooms within the nursery which are named Halos, Wings and Stars. We do not have a set age for children to move up as the provision is always catered to the individual child so they can reach their potential regardless of the room they are in.

Stars is the last room that they will be in before moving onto school. The Stars staff have been busy supporting the local schools and emails have been sent to reach out to the teachers who will be looking after our leavers from September.

We look forward to this new academic year and if you have any questions about the transition process, please feel free to ask a member of our team.

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