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From July 3rd to July 16th, Wimbledon took place! The world famous tennis tournament is a great opportunity to introduce your children to the world of sports, and perhaps even spark an interest in them!

There are lots of ways to get involved with Wimbledon that don’t involve having to travel down to London to see the games in person. This can be as simple as watching the matches on TV, keeping up to date with scores online, or following along on the radio. These are all tasks you can involve your children in if they take an interest in the sport!

As well as observing the sport, you and your children can get involved by playing tennis in your garden or local park! You don’t have to have a lot of space or the correct equipment; you can adapt the game to suit your needs. For example, a net can be substituted for a line on the floor either drawn with chalk or made with sticks. We would also recommend sourcing a softer, lighter ball that is both easier and safer for young children to play with. If you don’t have rackets, you can improvise a game of quick thinking catch, or even try to make some fake rackets using cardboard.

Beyond getting involved with the tennis, you and your little ones could partake in some of the other Wimbledon traditions. The most famous one is strawberries and cream, a perfect sweet and healthy treat you can share with your little ones. You can do this as a treat in the garden if the weather is nice, or whilst watching the tennis together!

However you choose to spend the Wimbledon fortnight, we hope you have fun. As always, remember to stay in touch with us via Tapestry so we can see all the fun things you’re getting up to!

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